Saturday, 2 February 2013

Should Women Be Ordained To The Ministry?

There is an ongoing debate in the Seventh-day Adventist church and other christian churches about whether women pastors should be ordained to the ministry. It appears that most of the Christians in the western world appear to have no problem in ordaining women to the ministry while those from the third world are largely opposed. It is a highly emotive issue that threatens to tear apart churches. The westerners blame traditions and cultural considerations as being the reasons behind the third world Christians' opposition to the ordination to the ministry while the third world Christians say their position is based on scripture. They further claim that the western world Christians are influenced by the society they live in and not scriptures.

In the video below Dr Dwight Nelson, Senior Pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University in the US presents his understanding of the biblical position on the ordination of women to the ministry. It is a very thoughtful analysis of the issues and deserves our attention as we prayerfully seek God's guidance on this issue.

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