Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sabbath: A Day of Liberty - Walter Pearson

In the video sermon below, Pastor Walter L Pearson Jr. of the Breath of Life Telecast preaches on the topic, A Day of Liberty. It is a sermon based on the request by Moses to an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, that he should let the Israelites go to worship the Lord in the wilderness. He says the request was really about the Israelites requesting that they be allowed to observe the holy day of the Sabbath. To show that God is so particular about the Sabbath, God allowed plagues to fall on the Egyptians when the Pharaoh refused to grant their request.

Observance of the Sabbath, far from being legalistic and a burden actually signifies a day of liberty. It represents freedom from sin that Christ offers us and is a day we rest from labor and our efforts to not only provide for ourselves but also to save ourselves. The Sabbath is a day we recognise that God is the source of all things whether they be physical or spiritual. It shows that He alone is the one that matters in our relationship and is the source of our strength and success. As one writer puts it, had the world faithfully continued to observe the Sabbath, there would be no atheists around. Unfortunately in substituting Sunday for Saturday as a day of worship the Christian church lost out on the benefits that come from obeying the Lord by worshipping  Him on the day that He appointed and not on one that man  decided.

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