Friday, 1 February 2013

Pentecost : How To Have Baptism of The Holy Spirit

In Acts chapter 2, the Bible records the baptism of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and other disciples of Christ who had assembled in Jerusalem. With the sound like of a strong wind, sound like the blowing of a violent wind filling the whole house, the Holy Spirit came down in the room and later what seemed like tongues of fire that rested on each of the people in that room the Holy Spirit baptized the disciples. As they were filled with the Holy Spirit, the disciples began to speak in other languages, that they had never spoken before.

Out of this experience the disciples emerged to shake the world with the gospel message. In an instant disciples who had full of fear after losing their savior came out with boldness and delivered the message without fear. They came out filled with the love of God that was so strong that they were willing to die while spreading this message.

O! how much we need that fire of the Holy Spirit in these days. But the bible promises in the book of Joel that in the last days the Spirit will once again come down with power. That is why we need to pray earnestly for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to finish the spreading of the gospel as a witness before Christ comes.

In the following video, Dr Dwight Nelson, of Andrews University teaches on how to receive this baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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