Friday, 22 February 2013

Living Legends Award Recipient - Barry Black

US Senate Chaplain Barry Black was one of the recipients of the 2012 Living Legends Awards. Chaplain Black has achieved a few firsts in the history of America. He was the first black American US Navy Chief of Chaplains and is currently the first African American chaplain of the US Senate. He has indeed broken many barriers and shares his life story in detail in the book, "From The Hood to The Hill'. It is a very inspiring story that you ought to read for yourself and your kids. You will be inspired to trust the Lord who can break all sorts of barriers and take you to heights you never imagined.

Chaplain Barry Black grew up poor in Baltimore, owes a lot to his godly mother and the Seventh day Adventist church that nurtured his faith and provided him with christian education that prepared him as he set out into the world.  Below is a powerful speech he offered after receiving his award. It is a testament to his christian faith and his dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ.

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