Saturday, 23 February 2013

Laodecian Church of Revelation - John Nixon

Pastor John Nixon preaches a sermon  titled, Hypothermia. It is based on Christ's letter to the church of Laodecia as found in the book of Revelation 3:14-22.  Laodecia was well known in ancient times for its warm water that was channeled from hot springs to the city in an ingenious feat of engineering of the ancient times.  In the letter, Christ laments the lukewarm condition of the church at Laodecia and says He prefers that church was either hot or cold. He says since the church is lukewarm and not hot or cold, he will spew her out of His mouth. 

The city of Laodecia was also well known in the ancient days for its riches. It is said that after an earthquake the city of Laodecia refused any aid from Rome but instead used its own resources to rebuild the city. Christ tells the church that even though it sees itself as rich and increased with goods, it was poor and wretched in the sight of God. He tells it to buy real gold refined in the fire from Him

The city of Laodecia was also know in the ancient days for its eye salve. Christ asks the church to buy salve from him to apply to her eyes so that she can see.

Here is a picture of a church very rich in material goods but very poor spiritually. An apt description of the church nowadays. The church is obviously richer than at any point in its history.  I have read a story that when the famous church theologian Thomas Aquinas visited the Vatican, he was taken to a room full of gold bars. It is said that Pope Innocent IV remarked to Thomas Aquinas that, 'We can no longer say like Peter and John that silver and gold have we none. Thomas Aquinas is reported to have said, 'It is true holy father, neither can we say like Peter and John, in the name of Jesus rise up and walk.

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