Sunday, 11 November 2012

1844 Disappointment

In 1844, some American christian believers drawn from various evangelical churches came to the conclusion, based on their interpretation of Daniel 8:14, that Jesus Christ would come to earth on 22nd October 1844. Alas that day passed and Jesus didn't come. Why did Jesus not come on this day? Was there interpretation wrong and why did God not intervene to avoid the eventual embarrassment and disappointment that followed.

Daniel 8: 14 states, "unto two thousand three hundred days;  then shall the sanctuary be cleansed." These Christian believers following on from the principles that had been followed by the great reformers interpreted a  prophetic day to be equal to a year. So starting from 457 BC they calculated that these days would end on 22nd Oct. 1844. Their understanding was that the temple referred to in this verse was the earthly temple which they took to mean that that would be the end of the world.

In the following video Stephen Bohr addresses the issues sorrounding this 1844 disappointment.

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