Thursday, 11 October 2012

Papal Rome - Kenneth Cox

When pagan Rome passed away it was merely replaced by papal Rome and it it height controlled a huge chunk of Italy and controlled the political affairs of Western Europe. The presenter presents the characteristics of this power and abuses of the power that it accumulated for itself. This religio-political power was responsible for the massacre of Christians who dared to believe contrary to the official beliefs of that church then. Papal Rome lost most of its power when General Berthier, a general of Emperor Napoleon went to Rome and arrested the reigning pope and took him to France in 1798. Most Christians have forgotten this history of the church and the blood of the martyrs who perished in their thousands. You only need to pick any history book for that period to appreciate papal power then.

The question that lingers in our minds is whether this can happen again in our days when democracy and freedom of speech are the tenets of our democracies. Let the Bible answer these questions as you listen and watch Pastor Kenneth Cox

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