Tuesday, 9 October 2012

C D Brooks - Sabbath

Dr C D Brooks preaching at the Three Angels Broadcasting Network, 2011 pillars of our faith camp meeting. Her CD Brooks preaches on the sabbath. The sabbath was instituted in the garden of Eden and is a commemoration of Gods creation. It is the seventh day of every week and has been observed all throughout the history of the world. Nowadays most Christians observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the mediaval church decided to change the day of worship even though there's no such  change in the holy scriptures. Christ observed it and His disciples followed His example and never changed this divine command.

The Sabbath is a celebration of God's creation and if we had kept the Sabbath, there would be few people believing the theory of evolution. It is also a day to rest from our human restlessness as no work is supposed to be done on this day. Just imagine if we all kept this day holy. There would be few cases of stress and depression due to this divine call to rest.

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