Friday, 1 February 2013

The DaVinci Code Part 2 - The Women in Jesus' Life. - Dr Dwight Nelson

In the book, the Da Vinci Code, the author Dan Brown says that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdelene and that they had children whose descendants are still alive to this day. Is this really true? Can the evidence that Dan Brown present really stand scrutiny ? 

In the video below, The DaVinci Code Part 2 : The Women in Jesus' Life, Dr Dwight Nelson tackles what Dan Brown presents in his book to see if it can stand scrutiny. He for instance points out that some parchments that he refers to are actually forged documents. One of his sources, Pierre Plantard actually admitted fabricating the documents that had said that he was a descendant of the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus. As Lee Strobel points out, 'Actually the Priory of Sion was founded in 1956 to campaign for the low-income housing in France. One of its leaders, a convicted con man named Pierre Plantard, fabricated a phony history for the organization and planted these forged parchments in the French library.

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