Saturday, 16 February 2013

How To Vote As A Christian - Dwight Nelson

During presidential and Congress elections in America, there is always a heated debate on how Christians should vote. On one hand are christian leaders who believe that Christians should never vote for anyone who does not share their christian values. One of the most contentious issue recently has been the issue of abortion, with many prominent christian leaders advising their adherents not to vote for anyone who is perceived to be a pro abortion or pro choice. Another issue has been about giving more rights to gays especially the right to marry. Many christian leaders have advised their followers not to vote for any politician who supports gay marriage.

There is however another group of Christians who believe that American is a christian nation and should be governed as such. They believe that the founding fathers of America wanted America to be a christian nation. With so many christian churches and so many varied christian beliefs, it should be a tricky issue as to which principles and beliefs should be used in running America. For instance if a day of worship were to be enforced, which day would it be? Would it be Sunday or Saturday? Sunday is a day of worship for most Christians while Saturday is a day of worship for a minority of Christians who believe that Christians should go back to the day God designated for worship and that Sunday worship is man made tradition with no scriptural basis. 

The more you think about it the more you would see that any intermingling of the state and religion would eventually lead to the persecution of some minority believers. You only need to look at the history of the Roman Catholic church, when it controlled the politics of western Europe, to realize how an intermingling of state and religion usually leads to persecution of those with opposing beliefs to the official church. Thousands of Christians such as the Waldenses lost their lives for daring to hold beliefs contrary to the mainstream church's beliefs.

In the video below, Dr Dwight Nelson, Senior Pastor of the Pioneer Memorial SDA Church at Andrews University preaches on this important topic on how to vote as a christian and how far Christians can involve themselves in politics.

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