Saturday, 2 February 2013

About Dinosaurs : Did God Create Dinosaurs?

Did dinosaurs co exist with human beings? The fossil record seems to show that they did not. Of course absence of evidence does not mean that they did not. As we have noted in the post on the Lost Empire of The Hittites, new evidence can spring up unexpectedly and prove the position of the Bible that God created everything that we have in the universe and beyond. The position of science that dinosaurs lived on earth before human beings and became extinct before human beings conflicts with the Bible position that death came through sin by man. This rules out any deaths before man came on the scene.

The scholars in the video below discuss this and other issues on dinosaurs and how it affects our faith. How can a christian scientist still believe in God and the Bible when there are things in science that appear to contradict the Bible record? Does science have all the answers. How about evidence for a worldwide flood? The fossil record definitely appears to support a worldwide flood judging from the way the fossils are structured or layered in the rock sediments across the world. There is almost uniform way these sediments appear across the world.

Ultimately our christian beliefs have to be based on faith and as apostle Paul says there is enough evidence in the world to lead you to a creator. The complexity and apparent design in everything that is in this world definitely points to a creator or designer.

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