Monday, 26 November 2012

David Asscherick - The War Behind All Wars

Have you ever wondered why we have all these wars and all sorts of calamities on earth? How can a God of love allow all these wars and diseases to exist? These questions and more are answered in this sermon. David Asscherick, cofounder of ARISE Institute goes behind the scenes to reveal the first war that led to all these wars and reveals the major players in these wars.

The book of revelation lifts the veil and reveals that there was war in heaven between the forces of God led by Michael and the forces of evil led by the dragon or Satan. The devil lost this war and was cast out of heaven. He later found home on earth after deceiving our first parents, Adam and Eve. The fall of Adam and  Eve resulted in the earth suffering the consequences of sin such as wars, diseases, etc. To put a stop to this decay, God sent His son who came and died on the cross of calvary for the sins of the world, thus paying in full the penalty for sin. This then started a chain of events that will culminate in the end of sin and its consequences.

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