Saturday, 20 October 2012

Is Baptism Really Necessary? - Geoff Youlden

Have you ever wondered as to whether baptism is really necessary? Is it always necessary to get baptized or is it something of no consequence in the christian life? The English word baptism is originally from the Greek word baptizo which means, "to immerse" etc. Most if not all scholars point out that the baptism in the Bible involved immersing the disciple in water usually in rivers. An example of this practice of immersion baptism would be the Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ who was baptized in the Jordan river, for the Bible clearly states that after the baptism Christ came out of the water.

In the video below the presenter, Geoff Youlden, answers this question on whether baptism is really necessary in our christian experience.


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  2. Baptism is a religious ritual involving water and the person being baptized. It is a symbol of a person being accepted into the church of Christian believers. The rite is a common denominator in most Christian churches, but there are differences in beliefs on how and when baptisms should occur.