Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dr Calvin B Rock : The Millennium And The End Of Sin

The book of Revelation talks about a thousand years in which the devil is imprisoned. There are so many interpretations on these one thousand years. When does this period start and what does it entail to us as Christians or inhabitants of the world. In the following video, Dr Calvin B Rock, who is the former President of Oakwood College in Alabama US and also a former Vice President of the General Conference of Seventh day Adventists preaches on this topic in a sermon entitled, The Millennium and The End of Sin. It was preached during the 2011 3ABN Pillars of Our Faith Camp Meeting held in the US. The exciting news about the millennium is that it will mark the end of sin as at the end of this period the devil and all those who follow him will be destroyed and the earth and heaven will be recreated. I hope you will join me as we prepare for that day when death, sickness, poverty and all the world's problems will be destroyed never to trouble us again. We can only join John the apostle in saying, Come Lord Jesus! 

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